Reception Flowers

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Guest Table - Pedestal (Tall) Centerpieces
Classic White Centerpiece:
Dendrobium Orchids, Stock and Roses
Extra-Large Pedestal Centerpiece:
Pink Lillies, Lavender Stock, Larkspur
Extra-Large Two Level Pedestal Centerpiece:
White Stock, White Freesia, Periwinkle Hydrangea, Phlox, Lisianthus
Pedestal Arrangement:
White Lillies, Purple Iris, Purple Larkspur, Whtie Stock, Dendrobium Orchids, Roses
Pedestal Arrangement in Burgundy and White:
Orchids, Lilies, Roses and Stock
Pedestal Centerpiece:
Purple Larkspur, Purple Iris, Purple Stock, Red Dahlias, White Cushion Mums
Pedestal Centerpiece:
Purple Larkspur, Purple Stock, White Lillies, Lavender Alstromeria
Pedestal Centerpiece:
Stargazer Lillies, Dendrobium Orchids, Mini-Carnations
Pedestal Centerpiece:
Stargazer Lillies, Fantasy Roses, Dendrobiums, White Stock, Pink Larkspur
Pedestal Centerpiece:
Stargazer Lillies, White Stock, Orlando Roses, Dendrobium Orchids
Pedestal Centerpiece:
White Lillies, Cream Stock, Alstromeria
Pedestal Vase Arrangement:
Green Dendrobium Orchids, Lt. Blue Belladonna and Seeded Eucalyptus
Pedestal Vase Centerpiece:
Lavender Stock, Bells of Ireland, Larkspur, Alstromeria and Ivy
Pedestal Vase Centerpiece:
White Stock, Lt. Pink Larkspur, White Tiger Lillies, Rustique Roses, Lavender Mums
Pedestal Vase Centerpiece:
White Stock, White Larkspur, Dendrobium Orchids, Lavender Roses
Pedestal Vase with Orchids:
White Dendrobium Orchids, Curly Willow, Lemon-Leaf and Seeded Eucalyptus
Pedestal Vase with Orchids:
White Dendrobium Orchids, Seeded Eucalyptus, Lemon-Leaf and Curly Willow
Pillar Vase Arrangement:
Larkspur, Stock, Lilies, Orchids and Roses in shades of Soft Pink and White
Pillar Vase Arrangement:
Magenta Dendrobium Orchids, Lemon-Leaf and Tepe
Pillar Vase Arrangement:
White Stock, Lavender Roses, Dendrobium Orchids and Gardenias
Pilsner Vase Arrangement:
Pilsner Vase with Orchids and Hydrangea
Simple Pillar Vase Arrangement:
Pink Tiger Lilies, Dendrobium Orchids, Bluperum
Simple Pillar Vase Arrangement:
Stargazer Lillies, Dendrobium Orchids, Beargrass
Tropical Jewel-Toned Arrangement:
Blue Iris, Red Gerberas, Yellow Lilies, Hot Pink Orchids, Purple Larkspur
Tropical Look Pedestal Centerpiece:
Mixed Flowers in Clear, Bright Jewel Tone Colors
Tuscan-Style Pedestal Centerpiece:
Antiqued Wrought Iron Stand with Seasonal Flowers in Shades of Sage Green and Pink
Tuscan-Style Pedestal Centerpiece:
Bells of Ireland, Burgundy Snapdragons, Green Dendrobium Orchids, Burgundy Mokara Orchids
Tuscan-Style Pedestal Centerpiece:
Black Magic Roses, Burgundy Baby Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus
Tuscan-Style Pedestal Centerpiece:
Rich, Textured Arrangment in Burgundy and Cream
Tuscan-Style Pedestal Centerpiece:
White Lilies, Dark Blue Dendrobium Orchids, Blue Belladonna and Snapdragons
Two-Level Pedestal Arrangement:
Jewel-Tone shades of Purple, Blue, Magenta and Plum
Two-Level Pedestal Centerpiece:
Peonies, Orchids, Stock and Roses in Shades of Pink and Cream
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