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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Several times in the past few months I’ve had customers ask if they can transport their flowers in the trunk of their car. I gently ask them if they would transport a puppy that way. They look at me shocked and say, vehemently, “NO WAY”. They then quickly realize why I asked that seemingly silly question. The puppy would die in the 140 degree trunk … and so would the flowers.

NOTE: You’ll be busy, busy, busy on your special day, and it might be convenient to have Uncle Henry pick up the flowers for you. Be sure to tell him to NOT put the flowers in the trunk of the car. You might even want Uncle Henry to read these tips on how to transport wedding flowers. He may embarrass himself later after having too much Champagne and doing the Hula with Aunt Gertrude, but he won’t be embarrassed by ruining your flowers.